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What is Connect
Benefits of an integrated solution
Tips for current Connect users
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Integrated email marketing

What is Connect?

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering a high-volume email marketing application without having to manage an extra database.

Benefits of an integrated solution

Gold-Vision is automatically updated, this includes unsubscribe and preference data.

Tips for current Connect users

Create campaign follow ups to manage bounces and sales activities.

What is Connect?

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering all the benefits of a professional high-volume email marketing application without the headaches of managing an extra database.

How it works:

1. Segment your list of recipients using any data field in Gold-Vision.

2. Run your campaign to send the list to Connect.

3. Design your email using the drag and drop editor, or upload an HTML template designed by an agency.

4. Send your mailshot.

5. See all click-through information, responses and unsubscribes in Gold-Vision.

Learn more about Gold-Vision Connect

Benefits of an integrated solution

Gold-Vision integrated with Gold-Vision Connect will allow you to manage compliance in the run up to GDPR. An integrated tool will simplify data management allowing you to seamlessly manage contact follow up and ultimately save you time! Managing Opt-Ins, unsubscribes and contacts mailing preferences with an integrated solution is a must to ensure your data is up to date!

The ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) is delayed and will not be required at the same time as GDPR in May 2018. This will include Opt-In requirements for B2B contacts. Although this is not a requirement for GDPR, Gold-Vision and Gold-Vision Connect already have the tools to allow you to seamlessly manage and track contact marketing consent therefore its worth getting ahead by starting your Opt-In campaigns.

Use Gold-Vision’s marketing automation platform to help you track and verify that data is managed in a GDPR-compliant way.

• Manage Privacy notifications to contacts and log when they were sent
• Manage permissions for marketing
• Allow a contact to control their preferences
• Campaigns to assist with refreshing your contact data
• Request contacts view and update the data you are holding for them to ensure it is up to date
• Send relevant messages to prospects and customers on a scheduled or automated basis

Simplify data management

Unsubscribes, contacts Opted In, bounces – data is automatically synchronised with Gold-Vision, allowing you to manage marketing preferences seamlessly.

Save time

Using Gold-Vision and Connect allows you to ensure all contacts are held in a single database for the purposes of email marketing. No need to export or import data all processes are managed within Gold-Vision and Connect, including designing your template.

Manage the opt-in process

Should you be planning your data and getting it ready for GDPR our Opt-In template will assist with managing communications and recording marketing consent. Gold-Vision integrated with Gold-Vision Connect will provide you with a trusted database of Opted-In contacts which can easily be identified for ongoing communications.

To use the template go to > Templates > New > Drag and Drop > Click to copy another design > Stock Templates > select the Opt-In template, click apply. You can then edit the template as required.

Alternatively you can add a link to request Opt-In for future mailings by including the following link in your email template:
Connect Opt-In:

When a recipient clicks on the link within their email they will see the following screen:

This recipient has now “Double Opted-In”. This will be updated against the contact record in Gold-Vision to allow you to filter these contacts. Note - you might need to add this field to the contact record.

From the Campaign All Recipients or Connect Preferences list you can filter these contacts for further mailing.


See web clip


Manage the preference centre

Using Connect you can add links to Campaign Preferences (this allows a contact to select their mailing preferences based on campaign types)
*Campaign Types can be amended in the Administration Console within the Screen Design area against Campaign Stages. These will be synchronised with Gold-Vision Connect allowing you to manage preferences.
Campaign Preferences can be managed in Gold-Vision Connect by Connect Administrators by selecting Settings > Campaign Types

When the mailshot is sent and a recipient clicks the link they will be presented with the page below:

The results of these can be captured from the Connect Preferences list by filtering the Campaign Type and selecting Subscribed - Yes.

This list can then be used to create Campaign Sources.

The information can also be seen in the Contact record.

Managing unsubscribes

Any Unsubscribes from a Gold-Vision Connect email will automatically be updated in Gold-Vision. This will make them an invalid recipient in future mailings.


View all the unsubscribes from the All Recipients list


See web clip


Personalisation of emails

Use the data within your Gold-Vision database to send professional and personalised emails.



Gold-Vision’s flexibility allows you to manage data filters across your data and create sources which can be automatically refreshed.

Measure ROI

Use follow up stages in Gold-Vision campaigns to filter recipients for follow up, e.g. recipients which clicked a specific link in your email. Your follow up stage may include creating activities for each recipient included with the activity owner being the Account manager and a due date for follow up. From these activities the sales team may create either Opportunities, appointments or Event bookings to track ROI from the initial email.

Use Google analytics

To enhance measurement of website traffic, Connect has the option to automatically include Google Analytics URL parameters in all links in an email.
This can be turned on or off in Connect at the ‘Send’ stage. We recommend leaving it on unless you specifically don’t want to track a particular email.

When ‘Include google info in links’ is selected, the following parameters are included in link URL’s:

utm_source = gvconnect
utm_medium = email
utm_content = <campaign type>
utm_campaign = <campaign stage name>

For example:

The results of a Connect Campaign can be viewed in Google Analytics under the ‘Acquisition’ tab.

Use marketing automation

See our Help Scenarios to understand how Marketing automation may help your business. With GDPR marketing automation could allow you to seamlessly manage your re-consent and opt in based on contact retention dates or contact us for more information.

Tips for current Connect users

Send follow up emails to those who have clicked a link in your email

Campaigns can allow you to manage communications via a number of methods. You may want to send an email and then create some follow up based on those recipients which clicked a link. This is easily achieved by using Gold-Vision and Gold-Vision Connect as the results are synchronised.
Create your campaign. Add a stage selecting to send your email via Gold-Vision Connect.
Create a follow up stage to your initial stage and set a rule.

Use rules to create targeted follow up campaigns. Against the stage set the stage to create activities and assign them to either an account manager or individual and set due dates for follow up as below.

Create follow up activities to manage bounced emails

Using the same process as above rules can be set against a stage to pull through bounced recipients and create activities for an account manager to follow up and get correct details. For instance, these may be primary contacts in your database who you are required to have correct information for.

Create activities for account managers to contact those emails bounces to see if their details have changed.


Create exclusion lists for bounced emails

Using Gold-Vision data which has been synchronised you may want to create a source from the Gold-Vision recipients list to filter all bounced contacts to allow you to exclude them from a mailing. Eventually you may want to remove these contacts.
Using the filter criteria below you may want to filter either on a bounce code, bounced Yes or No or even a bounced date.

Once your data is filtered. Create a Source by clicking the Campaign tab and add the recipients to a Source.

The Source can then be used as an exclusion within your campaign.

Managing bounced emails

Review your bounced contacts in Gold-Vision Connect, these can be reviewed per mailshot once your mailshot has been sent.
Open your Gold-Vision Connect mailshot and review the Bounces Tab.

This will provide detail on the error reason for bounces. There may be certain bounced reasons where you may want to now block contacts from receiving future mailing:

Domain setup errors or mailbox faults are unlikely to be resolved therefore you may want to block all contacts which fall into these categories. You can do this by selecting the bounced reason and clicking to “Block All” recipients. All contacts will be highlighted in Red within this category. This will stop these recipients from being sent to via Gold-Vision Connect.


Add the Contact Update link to allow recipients to update their details

Please note: Only Connect Administrators have access to these settings.

A screen displaying all of the contact update options will be shown, similar to the one below:

Contact Update

To view Contact Update settings, click Settings > Contact Update from the menu.

The order in which the fields appear can be changed by dragging and dropping them into the required position on screen.

To re-name the label for a particular field, simply change the content of the relevant text box and click Save Settings.
To disable the Contact Update functionality, click on Hide All Fields. This means that contacts will not be able to update any of their own details.
The meaning of the options for each field is explained below:

1. Hidden - The field is not visible to and cannot be updated by the contact.
2. Read-Only - The field is visible to the contact, but they cannot update it.
3. Editable - The field is visible and can be edited by the contact.

Add link to allow contacts to update the information you hold against them, Gold-Vision will be automatically updated.
You can also create an alert to let you know when this has been done.

Gold-Vision Connect Help